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Top 5 muscle cars worth restoring

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Interested in restoring Muscle Cars from the 60s? This has been a hobby for many people and for quite some time now. One question that I always hear from people that are interested is what car to pick? Well, for starters, there are plenty of 60s muscle cars you can choose, and it really depends on what you are looking for. On one had, there are the more common and cheaper cars if you’re on a budget, and on the other hand there are the more rare ones which would cost you more money to restore. Regardless, this is a fun hobby and if you have the time it can be extremely rewarding. This is not going to teach you how to restore classic cars, but rather help you decide the first step: which car to choose?

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    • jvcdd

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      • jvcdd

        Info Motorist must know!!! Meaning ICBC are not replacing your additions or perrels and worse you need to know what tricks they play upon their clients. Brutal! second thought to even getting something nice when you’re worse than in Bangladesh, exposed and paying for coverage but, if required on your own.

      • Raymond Burtt II
    • Wayne Hancock

      There was NO ZS28 in the United sStates.

    • Raymond Burtt II

      Really surprised to not see Mustang on the list. Aftermarket restoration parts are plentiful as are the cars themselves. Seem more plentiful than Camaro’s for sure.

    • StingraySFO

      Back in the late 70’s it cost me a whole $450 to restore my ’63 Stingray split window, and that included reupholstering the seats. I must admit that I was lucky as the parts were obtained from a couple of my shop’s suppliers and a wrecking yard that sold me the full ‘rear clip’ complete with windows, trim, fuel tank, lights, and bumpers. I pieced the front back together from about a dozen pieces. The largest expense was the rear clip, and a new radiator.
      Oh, did I tell you how it came to be totaled? The owner had stopped at a light behind a ‘bobtail’, then a ‘Pete’ that had a brake failure went completely over it. The owner lived but was in a full body cast when I met him at the dealership where it was taken for insurance settlement and disposal. I offered $150 for salvage and got it!

    • Gregory Howard

      Does the person writing this even car? The RS, SS, and Z-28 were option packages. Plenty of plain old Camaros out there. The GTO is a convertible or a hardtop. There are no b pillared GTO’s, and the differentiation between the terms coupe and hardtop is specious at best. AMX’s are rare to begin with, and rusted so much there are very very few left. Not an easy restoration. The Nova is certainly an easy choice, but also shit for anything but a drag car. And A 318 Barracuda is just dumb. Any of the other V8 options are better than the 318 for the 67-69 car.

    • DiscoHarvey

      The best car to restore is one that someone else already did!! Let THEM spend the money and have the heartbreak.