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The Style of Mercedes Convertible Tops

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German Auto Tops manufactures high quality Mercedes Convertible Tops to both protect and add style to your convertible.

Mercedes Benz is one of the foremost makers of stylish, sleek, fast convertible cars. Therefore, it follows that any accessory to a Mercedes convertible must also be stylish and sleek. Mercedes convertible tops perfectly fit the bill. They can add style and fashion to your car, while still being functionally appealing and valuable. Keep reading to find out how convertible tops can help you.

What is a Mercedes convertible top?

A convertible top is essentially a detachable roof for your convertible. While it is true that a convertible’s distinguishing feature is its lack of a roof, a top is like a sturdy canvas or blanket which can be pulled over your car and act as a roof. It attaches to your car’s front window and side doors, and has its own window at the back and sometimes the top.

Why Would I Want a Mercedes Convertible Top?

Mercedes convertible tops are stylish no doubt. But they are functional too! You bought a convertible in the first place because you wanted to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your back as you speedily cruised down the highway with no roof over your head, right? So why would you want a convertible top?

While it may be nice to not have a roof when it is sunny and warm out, but it’s not so nice when it is chilly, rainy, or especially windy out. Without a roof when it is raining, you—and your seats—will get all wet and cold. A roof will keep you and your seats dry. Without a roof when it is cold out, you will freeze! A roof will keep you warm and toasty and insulated.

Choose Your Color

Mercedes convertible tops come in many different colors. The importance of color choice in whatever top you choose cannot be overestimated. The top can amplify the color of your car, or it can downplay or offset it. A black convertible top is extremely versatile. It looks great with light colored cars such as white or silver or grey convertibles, but it goes well even with a same color black car, and it looks fabulous with a hot red convertible. A white convertible top adds style and contrast to a dark colored carFind Article, perhaps a black or dark blue or gray car. A brown convertible top brings out the brown tinges in convertibles with colors like beige.

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German Auto Tops manufactures high quality Mercedes Convertible Tops to both protect and add style to your convertible.

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