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Make Your Life Easier With Smart Environments

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In an increasingly technological world, the ability of our environments to be “smart” is becoming increasingly important.

Smart environments delivered by Johnson Controls, a global diversified, multi-industrial company, use products, systems and technologies that make our lives more comfortable, safe and sustainable through user-friendly interfaces and intelligent design.

Advances in technology are driving consumers to expect greater levels of personalization, customization, productivity and environmental sensitivity in their everyday lives. People want to feel more secure and at ease; they want to reduce their carbon footprint and prefer to do business with eco-friendly companies.

Geopolitical factors, including the drive for energy independence and the potential impact of climate change, are thought to be triggering increased attention to products and services that optimize energy use. Johnson Controls’ smart environments align with these expectations.

These technologies affect many aspects of our everyday lives.

  • An improved automotive experience. Johnson Controls’ systems that link mobile electronic devices – including cell phones, navigational devices and MP3 players – to the vehicle allow the driver to interface with these devices safely and easily.
    • The company also provides a number of safety-oriented features, including the riACT head restraint, which optimizes the anti-whiplash performance of seats, and soy-content foam for vehicle seating pads that reduce the levels of harmful chemicals required to produce current seat-grade foam.
  • Eco-friendly, efficient homes. Making a home into a smart environment means implementing sustainable, cost-saving measures, but it can also enhance the home’s decor and exterior. Johnson Controls’ York Affinity Series air conditioners not only offer an energy-efficient solution to homeowners’ cooling needs, but also enable individuals to customize unit colors to match their home’s exterior. Its quiet-drive system provides unobtrusive, energy-efficient performance contributing to up to 60 percent savings on a homeowner’s energy bills.
  • Hybrid solutions for a more sustainable world. Vehicles with hybrid technology are the future of sustainable transportation. Hybrid vehicle technology greatly improves fuel-economy by using battery power to propel the car at lower speeds.

The lithium-ion battery is the most advanced hybrid-vehicle battery available and a critical link to the mass production of hybrid electric vehicles. They are key to reducing our carbon emissions and fuel costs. Johnson Controls’ joint venture with Saft Advanced Power Solutions is a global leader in developing this technology and supporting its acceptance in the marketplace. Additionally, Johnson Controls is the world’s largest recycler of lead-acid batteries and manages a closed-loop recycling system that contributes to a “smart environment” while minimizing the use of virgin lead.

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