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Love Cars? Consider a Job at a Car Dealership

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Over the last several years, many Americans have found themselves looking for work. More experienced workers have lost their jobs and recent college graduates have had a hard time finding steady employment. One area that is often overlooked by job seekers is the automotive industry. Car dealers offer a variety of positions well suited for different types of personalities.

The most familiar job at a dealership is the salesperson. These men and women are responsible for greeting customers, educating them about the cars, and taking them for a test drive. They also negotiate the sale of the vehicle. Additionally, salespeople keep good records of their customers for consistent business and a network of referrals. A good candidate for this position is someone who is outgoing, can hold an engaging conversation, and who has excellent networking abilities.

There are various positions available with a dealership if you don’t want to work in the showroom. If you come from a business or banking background, for example, you might be interested in a position in the finance and/or the insurance departments. These departments are responsible for making sure that the customer’s financing is in order and they have the right coverage. Finance and insurance departments’ employees often work on commission, or are required to meet specific sales goals. Members of this department offer dealership financing to customers as well as extended warranties, paint protection and a car alarm system. The employees in this department are usually successful when they can balance the interests of the business with the needs of the customer.

If you are looking for an entry-level job, a car dealer’s service porter washes vehicles and brings them to the driveway to service customers. Perks of this job may entail working around high-end vehicles regularly. Fortunately, car dealers are the type of business that promotes from within. Service porters who maintain a good attitude and are willing to work hard may eventually find themselves with a more reliable career in the industry.

These few suggestions that may help increase your odds of getting hired by a dealership:

  • First, spend a few minutes at the location to familiarize yourself with some of the faces in the different departments and ask the receptionist for an application.
  • Next, obtain an official copy of your driving record from the DMV, and you should also gather all of your legal hiring documents. Make a front and back copy of your driver’s license; Social Security card, as well as work visa, or I-9 forms. If you are applying for a sales position, you might also need an Occupational Sales License, depending which state you’re in.
  • Finally, prepare a resume and cover letter explaining why you are interested in a particular job. Put on a suit and hand-deliver your package to the manager of the department. Confidently explain to the manager that you have taken the liberty of putting together the information he will need to consider you for a position and offer a time to return to speak with him.

Car dealers offer an exciting workplace with many opportunities to grow your skills. So, do not forget about the automotive industry when applying for jobs!

This article originally appeared as Car Dealers Offer a Variety of Positions to Job Seekers by Ace Abbey.