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25 Local Car Commercials So Bad You Can’t Help But Buy From Them

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Local Car Commercial

Even giant companies like Nissan or Ford can make a stupid commercial when they are desperately trying to get you to buy one of their cars. They don’t mean to do it; it can be hard to entice people to buy. There are men and women who have studied for years and make hundreds of thousands of dollars creating commercials and advertisements, and even they make idiotic commercials.

So what happens when it’s a local commercial without all the big money advertisers behind it? Its terrible. Local car commercials in particular seem to suffer from bad commercials. There are car commercials with people dressed up as clowns, wearing chicken outfits, girls in bikinis, and every other imaginable low brow way to grab your attention. But there are some terrible local car commercials that stand above the others. Local car commercials so bad and awful, it gets through to you. Out of pity, you actually consider driving down to their dealership.

So, in honor of all the bad local car commercials out there, we have gathered for you the worst local car commercials of all time. Local car commercials so bad, you can’t help but buy from the poor sap who made it.

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