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Faraday Future’s Future Car Is Mighty Futuristic

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Faraday Future's Future Car Is...Futuristic

At CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Show), a potential competitor to the innovative electric car company, Tesla Motors, is unveiling a brand new concept for a type of electric supercar that will hopefully one day be racing (safely) down the highway.

Faraday Future, a company based out of California, is hoping to be able to flesh out the electric car market in the very near future. Although their website features a short film describing a new sort of automobile that could potentially be “accessed instead of owned,” their FFZERO concept¬†revealed at CES is a much more conventional type of personal vehicle that is powered¬†completely by electricity with all of the power of modern supercars.

Like Tesla, Faraday Future is using proprietary technology in combination with third party battery suppliers in order to provide a product that is safer than current automobiles, more energy-efficient and energy-friendly, while giving up none of the style and luxury expected by American consumers.

Some features of the Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept Car include:

  • 100% electric car
  • A possibility of 1,000 or more hp
  • An inclusion of 1-4 motors
  • A customizable shell that could be put together in order to best suit a customer’s needs

Now, as this is a concept car, any and all of these things that Faraday Future claims have yet to be proven, but we are excited to see more from the company. I hope that its ventures inspire other companies to follow suit in discovering new ways to make electric cars as cool as as they are good for the environment.

You can find more about the FFZERO1 Concept Car here.

Faraday Future's FFZERO1

Faraday Future’s FFZERO1

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