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5 best car tire brands

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Your car is comprised of many parts, some necessary, some simply for your entertainment, but when it comes right down to it, your tires are literally four of the most important parts on the vehicle. Without your tires your vehicle wouldn’t go anywhere, and quite frankly, they spend more time in contact with the road than anything else. In other words, they will wear out faster than most other parts, and they need to be able to put up with a considerable amount of abuse. That being said, when you are replacing your tires, it is of the utmost importance for you to choose ones that will continue to uphold the tradition where your previous one left off. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the five best car tires on the market for your approval.

Michelin Tires

There are many tires in the Michelin line, from the Primacy MXV4 to the Pilot Sport A/S3. Some of these tires are designed for all season while others are designed specifically for winter. Additionally, Michelin has a line of tires made specifically for trucks, ensuring equal tire opportunities for everyone. Along with the versatile line, Michelin can guarantee class-leading tread wear backed by top rate warranties that include both summer and winter tires. Keep in mind that most competitors cannot say the same regarding their warranty. The only problem? Michelin tires can be a bit heavy on the wallet, though in our opinion it is well worth it.

  • Pros: Low Tread Wear, Great Warranty, Models for Every Season
  • Cons: Expensive

Continental Tires

There is some debate amongst car enthusiast as to whether or not Continental tires actually beat Michelin out of the running, but we tend to believe that they are on equal footing. The handling is outstanding, and the treads allow for quick stopping on roads in all conditions. The one thing we would like to address is the price. These are high performing tires on par with the Michelin brand, but they are offered at a significantly lower price, which definitely makes them something to consider for your next big upgrade or tire change.

  • Pros: Great stopping power, Several models for Winter, Summer, and All Season, Low Price, Silent, Great Handling
  • Cons: None

TreadWright Tires

Admittedly, most of the tires from TreadWright won’t help you out if you’re doing in-town or city driving, but when it comes to the off-rad world, you really can’t go wrong here. Tires like The Warden from TreadWright make the entire world your playground, and the company has been refining their tire building process for the last thirty years. The commercial grade treads ensure up to 25% more life than tires from any comparable brand, and to make it even better, they are produced with 70% recycled materials. In other words, you can travel anywhere, secure in the knowledge that your purchase has helped the environment. Does it really get much better than that? Many users have stated they managed to get as many as 60k miles from these tires, making them the optimal choice for heavy duty drivers. One thing to keep in mind is that TreadWright tires are known as ‘retreads’, meaning they are comprised of old tires which have been recapped.

  • Pros: Great for Offroad, Durable, Can last for Up to Five Years
  • Cons: As retread tires, they are a bit more expensive than brand new tires of the same type

Firestone Tires

Firestone has been a staple in the tire industry for years, and they are outstanding for heavy use. Some of these uses include towing and most notably driving on rough terrain, such as construction sites. If you need tires that can survive the abuse that life as a work horse brings, Firestone really brings the A game, so to speak. To make it even better, they come at a great price.

  • Pros: Improve Gas Mileage, Solid Ride, Long Lasting, Good Price
  • Cons: Not good for off-roading

Nokian Tires

We have placed these tires at the bottom of the list simply because they are typically winter tires. If you live in a place like Alaska, then they will work year round, but otherwise, they are simply a change you make to your vehicle once per year. Now, they do make the WR G3 tires for both SUV’s and regular cars which you can keep on the vehicle year round, but the performance may leave something to be desired.

Pros: Great stopping power, outstanding tread, perfect for winter driving

Cons: Generally targeted at winter drivers, very little summer expertise, expensive

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