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32 Ugliest Cars Of All Time

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Lincoln Versailles

Dumpy is the word we all decided on in the office to describe the Versailles. It lacks all the beauty of its namesake.

  • don

    does anyone even read this crap before it’s “published” 14 words and they can’t spell BMW right?



  • gunnerv1

    I’ve had two British Cars in my life. 1. Austin Healy (Bugeye) Sprite, 2. Austin Healy 3000 BJ7. As with all Brit Cars, the Drive Line Tunnel is uninsulated and you could fry an egg on it. Loved both of them anyway, unfortunately “2 seaters” don’t make for a growing (Newly Married at the time) Family and they had to go (Boo). That was many years ago, now it’s a Truck

  • Mike

    You can add the 2015 Camry to the list. Attention Toyota, the brown acid is bad for you…

  • Francisco d’Anconia

    Cool review. What about the Yugo?

    • Seed_drill

      It’s just a FIAT. Boring and badly made, but not ugly.

  • Mees Superjesus Kohne VonJaski

    the leone is definitely not an ugly car

  • HappyCakes

    Might be a cool article if the pictures were not distorted as much.

    • Jack Oliver

      They’re fine for me. Some are low resolution, but that’s because they’re old af.

  • moderate fringe

    No Edsel? I’m not a big Subaru fan (sunbelt, don’t need AWD) and they do not look great but the four here didn’t belong on the list. Brat is actually kind of cool. If you want a bad looking one look at the 2006-7 subaru tribeca.

    • pissed

      don’t need AWD. Well, when it rains buckets in FL, it’s a nice thing to have when your steering works more like a rudder.

      • Russian Under Your Bed

        I’m in South Mississippi, we average half an inch more rainfall yearly than Miami, ten inches more than Jacksonville. Never in over a million miles of driving felt I needed AWD. Instead just investing in good tires makes more sense here. Oh and I love to drive in the rain. If I lived in Vermont, yeah I’d want AWD.

  • Moon Knight

    Damn, wasting no time getting to that Pontiac Aztec.

  • dvdlgh

    I’d put that Packard Hawk in my driveway anytime.

  • dvdlgh

    What, no 96-99 Taurus?

  • Paul Msj

    panamera???? are you fucking mad

    • klunkerboy

      Compared to Porsche’s proposed Mission-E electric sedan, the current Panamera is a cow. I find myself wishing Porsche will have the common sense to ditch the current Panamera shell and use the Mission-E’s

      • whoodoo

        Couldn’t do. The E’s design seems to rely on no big engine, transmission, hump etc and relatively small power components that can by distributed to accommodate the passenger compartment. Also, I doubt that the pillarless (opera) door design would pass safety collision standards.

    • pissed

      yes, it’s fuggnbuttugly.

  • Mahmoud Aziz Radwan

    The Veneno?? GTFO NO. That car is sexy as hell, how dare you!!!

    • Aaaarg!

      Up to the windshield, ok, but after that????????

  • disqus_Adf64zmGOa

    The X6 is incredible. You guys are idiots

  • Dan Larrivee

    some of them yea ok not too nice, but I’d say maybe 6 to 8 of them are ugly, the rest shouldn’t be on the list.

  • Seed_drill

    For less money than the Packard you could get a better looking Studebaker Golden Hawk, that was mechanically identical.

  • Russ

    Who chose these cars? A blind chimp? half of these cars would be welcome in my driveway anytime!

    • Bill Strang

      I agree. Who ever made this list doesn’t have a clue.

  • Speedboat

    The older Imprezza’s just looked like souped up Corolla’s from the same time period. I never hear much hate for them, because it was the mid 90’s and boring looking cars were the norm.

  • Jordan Johnson

    If the 27 deaths attributed to the Pinto put it on this list as deadly, shouldn’t the 270 deaths attributed to the Chev half tons exploding gas tanks, put it here as well? Or the 130 admitted deaths by the GM killer key cars put them here?

    • Jason Voorhees

      The exploding fuel tank on the trucks was debunked. It’s a fairytale.

      • 2378bri james

        and everyone that had a accident in a late 2000 small GM car is now trying to blame it on the key system,

  • Leonard Vine

    You forgot to include the ugly truck-like grille of all the Audi models.
    But the grand daddy of ugly grilles must belong to the super ugly Lexus

  • Doc J

    I had a 71 Gremlin with a HUGE 401V8 with a 3 spd standard…awesome ,quick, a little scary at full throttle, all over the road.Loved that car.

  • Miso Honey

    Seems like we have a consensus – most of the cars on this list have styling that’s boring or uninspired, but not outright ugly.

    Ones I would have on a list are: Stutz Blackhawk or IV-porte must vie for the most garish car designs ever, 1976 Avanti, Citroen 2CV (although some think a Pug is cute), 1961 Citroen Ami 6, 1980 Cadillac Seville (mostly because of the rear styling), 2009 Nissan Cube, Fiat 600 Multipla, the Trabant (any model year !)

    You can find photos online easily enough. See what you think.

  • unclejoe

    list every nissan since 2000

  • AlvinBr

    Tatra 603 was quite a revolutionary vehicle at the time, from the third oldest automaker in the world. The author of the piece is a shameless, clueless hack.

    • max

      Indeed, it’s a classic.

  • Kenneth Lichtig

    Lincoln Versailles failed as Ford took a lower price Mercury Monarch, put a Continental kit on the trunk and added equipment which was optional on the Mercury standard on the Lincoln.

    Kinda what Cadillac Cimmaron was to the Chevy Cavalier

  • Omar

    Some of the cars definitely shouldn’t be on the list, but some real ugly cars were omitted as well:
    Citroen 2CV & DS
    Kia Amanti
    AMC Gremlin
    AMC Pacer
    VW Thing
    Ford Pinto
    Chevy Chevette
    Suzuki X90
    Nissan Cube
    Nissan Juke
    PT Cruiser
    Subaru Tribeca
    Honda Insight

    • PaulinMadison

      1961 Valiant

  • havoc72

    that x 6 is nice, you guys are’re ‘tards

  • havoc72

    really? the lambo? you guys are some kind of ikea loving level of boring

  • Chuck Norris

    Veneno beautiful

    Porche gorgeous

    X6 fantastic

    Packard Hawk awesome represented that era of cars

    Lincoln Nice looks classy how could you not like Lowriders

    Both Subaru’s are Okay yes it’s boring but not ugly and some just look normal like the Acura. The ugly ones are the really rounded and weird shaped cars like the Fiat you mentioned which is eww.

  • Jason Voorhees

    My dad had a Gremlin back in the late 70’s-early 80’s. His was some sort of demo model that found its way onto the street somehow. His hatch was non functional, it didn’t open at all. It was an awesome car.

  • Tracer Loenan

    The definition of ugly cars changed with the first generation of video games. Now kids love ugly cars and hate any car that dares show individuality.

  • john marzich

    Some of those were Ex! lame article. The subaru B something? with the Edsel grill should have been there with the nissian JUKE, rouge…

  • John Henry

    The Carspoon staff can start on their lawn and garden column now, because it’s clear they don’t know much about cars. But bold ignorance is clickbait, so there’s that. The staff probably picked the cars from some coffee-table car book from Books-A-Million.

    The Tatra is ugly only if you know nothing about its history, or are so ignorant of cars and their design and engineering to not appreciate similar “ugly” cars, like the Citroen DS. And the Panamera is an acquired taste, for those with the means to acquire a Porsche and who don’t want an S-class or Audi S8. The Bristol Blenheim was a 1960s design which was meant to be a powerful grand tourer. The hood length includes a panel that conceals a full-size spare wheel and tire, so the trunk could be larger than in most cars its size. So call it ugly if you don’t like it, but there was purpose to its design. They were custom ordered cars, and few were made. If it;s important, the later Bristols were not “ugly.” Do the writers find cars with similar proportions, like the Jaguar XKE, ugly?

  • WTF ?

    Hey, I drive a Cube, and , while it may not be Nissan’s classiest entry into the field, it is reliable, and has head/leg room galore. That’s something that is missing from most cars in it’s class.

  • Ellwood Davis

    I can sleep, now that I see the AMC Pacer is on this list. Now the list is legitimate.

    • W Vyvyan

      They made it into production because AMC could not afford to develop a newer, smaller platform for them. They had to make do with a platform that did not fit the idea of a small, economical car, and the end result was that they were very oddly proportioned.

      If AMC had had more money, they would never have designed the Pacer / Gremlin to look like they did.

  • Randy Rogers

    I liked the Studebaker Hawk. Love to arrive almost anywhere in it.

  • Jihm

    Most of these cars just look like all the cars you see. This article is bogus to the max.

  • Dan Gerous

    Wonder what the staff was smoking when they came up with this list. While some deserve being on it, not all.

    Of course they’re entitled to their opinion no matter how goofy it may be……

  • Michael Fremer

    I applaud the staff for not including the Saab 96, which was a beautiful, well sculpted and safe car that too many didn’t have the good taste to recognize as such. Good to see that ugly BMW whatever they call it on the list though!

  • Jerry Ashley

    Hell – pay me to write an article about what is the prettiest/ugliest cars out there…I almost never agree with the author so having someone disagree with me wouldn’t be a problem – you know that whole “beauty” and “eye of the beholder” thing…

  • Daniel Haffner

    This is the crappiest website ever, it’s like walking through a minefield wearing clown shoes. Only instead of mines its advertising. Then it keeps opening new tabs and taking you back to the beginning of the slide show. I gave up on it, never to return

  • Tommy Tuttle

    Hmm. Mostly a good list. But you can’t really fault cars like the Brat and the Thing as “ugly” any more than you can say a Jeep is ugly. They’re built for purpose, not for style, and they have a certain “I am what I am” cool factor to them. There are far worse styling disasters out there.

  • Robertthebruce

    the tatra is cool!

  • Robertthebruce

    You people have NO class the VW thing is the bast I’d own ever color!

  • Doug Freyburger

    About half of these cars look just fine. And not an Edsel in the list!

    I get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I definitely don’t get the motivations of why some of these cars are on the list. And not a Yugo on the list!

    They also seem to be a mixture of high volume production and obscure small production models. And not a Soviet UnionZaporozhet or Moskvitch in the list!

    Fun to do such a subjective list!

  • Gerry Byrnes

    Several of those cars are commanding top dollar in the rare car market, and at least two have been featured on “Chasing Classic Cars”. But hey, collectors don’t have any sense of style, right?

  • Michael Calvitto

    Almost every car from Japan should head that list. Even the Pacer is better looking than most of them.

  • klunkerboy

    The 76 Aston Martin doesn’t deserve to be on this list, it’s pure Thunderbirds (Gerry Anderson’s, not Ford’s) some of the other cars on this list were quite ordinary looking cars for their time and place.

  • Glen Webster

    what? you got to be joking 1/2 they cars on the list are great

  • Von AndrĂ©

    I’ll take the Packard and the Leone..

  • pilgrim

    BMW X6?

  • Marc McCain

    My first car was a 1 year old 1977 Pinto. I had more fun with that car than any other car. One winter was too cold and the 4 cyl froze so I dropped a V6 in it with a manual 4sp. That car was a definite sleeper. People did not expect a Pinto to go sub 14 secs in the quarter mile but mine did. I still miss that car after over 20 years.

  • Harry Poschman

    The writer should do a little research on what he is looking at. The Tatra comes out of Czechoslavakia. It has a reason for the caboose on the back. That is where the motor resides. If I remember correctly, the center headlight turns with the front wheels just like the Tucker.

  • Kenneth Sloan

    What’s ugly about the Ford Scorpio?

    • Tommy Tuttle

      Eyes of the beholder. Personally I think the Scorpio looked like a big bloated version of a smaller car, like an Escort that ate a hippopotamus. But that’s just my own opinion; there are pluses and minuses to their approach and it did result in a pretty good car.

  • nedmorlef

    You could’ve very easily filled your list with 60s and 70s Mopar or many of the 80s & 90s american and Japanese cars .

    Several of these cars qualify as unique but, not ugly. Doing just the opposite of unique all millineal american cars looked identical as well as those in Japan and other imports.

    Can’t believe you left off the Pontiac Aztec.

    • John Smith

      That was number one. fully expected it to be in the top three.

  • JDS

    Ah yes, the “Aztek”…..looks like it was designed by committee….

  • JDS

    Mini Paceman does not sink to the level warranting inclusion….

  • JDS

    BMW X6 is totally badaxx….great car.

  • JDS

    Porsche Panamera should not be on the list. Ever drove one?

    It’s a four-door “rocket”….

    • pissed

      still ugly. fast and ugly. You decide.

      • JDS

        eh…maybe a bit ponderous, but ugly? I dunno….

  • JDS

    The Lincoln was a DOG….

    • 2378bri james

      it had a 302 in it, so it should have been ok, Cadillac put a 350 in their 1st generation SeVille they did and that Lincoln was trying to copy

      • pissed

        302 choked down to about 75hp. A real scorcher for sure.

        • 2378bri james

          those mid 70’s cars did not put out much power. but by 79 or 80, everyone was worried about MPG, not HP

  • 2378bri james

    some said it was, till the Honda Element came out and suddenly that Pontiac wasn’t so bad. Owners loved those Aztek’s though especially after they took off that black plastic stuff off the body

  • 2378bri james

    for the time, that Lincoln Versailles, was not bad looking, actually in the right color pretty good looking, it was a redone Monarch and those looked good, but it didn’t come close to the 1st generation Cadillac Seville like it was supposed to

    • pissed

      said James from Florida just before he headed out to his early bird dinner. Dude, I was around in the time of the Lincoln Versailles, and wouldnt have gotten near it with a 10 foot pole. And the Seville was another loser. There were much better options available. Mostly from Europe though.

      • 2378bri james

        there was not a lot of choices in 1976-78, even from Europe, Cadillac kind of set a example of a smaller luxury car, no one else had one, not even Mercedes, you had to get a large MB to get a Luxury car, like a 450 or 450 SEL, and they were a lot more money and very expensive upkeep in those days, That 350 engine in the early Seville was a bullet proof engine, one of the best GM made

  • 2378bri james

    I loved that VW Thing, wanted one at the time, bet the person that wrote this has no idea it was considered a fun cool car in the mid 70’s
    It was based off the Australian bush car they built to sell down there

    • max

      A spot check on what Things are selling for shows pretty much the entire world disagrees with the editors.

    • pissed

      based on the German Kubblewagen. (or however you spell it). I live in Aus and have seen maybe one or two here, so not sure what you are referring to. A bush car would be a land rover, preferably in ‘ute’ configuration. Or a Holden ute if you’re a bogan. Got it?

      • 2378bri james

        It was a long time ago, and the early Things were sold in Australia before being sold in the US! The air cooled engine over the rear wheel drive would get you just about anyplace, And yes, that was what they called them then. This was over 45 years ago

    • ralph Indigo

      The VW Thing was actually Germany’s version of the Jeep. They were used as transportation during WWII and is probably one of the reasons Germany lost the war. They did not have 4 wheel drive and got stuck in the mud a lot. They were also underpowered. They were inferior to the military Jeep in every way.

      • 2378bri james

        yes, in northern country, but when Germany had to rescue Mussolini in the middle east, they ran circles around our Jeeps that would over heat.
        I live near the base of the Sierra’s in California, and 40 years ago, Skiers loved VW”s because with the rear drive over the rear engine, and chains of the rear tires, they pretty much plowed through the elements, over the 7,000 ft plus, Donner Pass, slowly, but they got there LOL.
        The article I saw in the late 60’s was in Road and Track or MotorTrend, and it showed this car that became known as the Thing in the 70’s here, being made in Australia and yes, it was based on that WWII vehicle. I have read that we lost almost as many men in Jeep accidents by roll over, as we did in the war, it did have its limitations with its very short wheel base. My Uncle had one and told me you had to drive it carefully. He took it when he went deer hunting years back, it would actually fit in the bed of his 1 ton International truck.

  • whoodoo

    The staff writers seem to have a strange, dare I say adolescent, value system re form and function. Agreed, the article was about “ugly” and that presumes an emphasis on style (aka, fad), and I agree with many of your choices, but in automobiles there is an unwritten law that says function first, and any style that compromises function (handling, visibility, power, etc) no matter how “cool looking” is bad style. You seem to have turned that upside down and thrown function out the window, judging only on appearances.

  • grodonk .

    Lame. Many are fine, just maybe not up to expectations for a brand like ie. Porsche.
    Ignoring recent abominations like the Honda Element or Toyota FJ show the author is fairly unaware of the ugly auto industry

  • Steve Yaeger

    I will happily take a Tatra 603 or an S-Cargo off anyone’s hands.

  • jaxjhawk84

    BMX X6, really? The Mini Pacman looks like some customizer chop topped a regular Mini, very cool

  • Michael

    Don’t feel bad about the Aztek, it deserves to be the first. I know someone who participated in a market survey (conducted by Pontiac) and all the participants basically thought the design was ugly. It turned out to be the Aztek. Pontiac ignored their own research. Someone in charge who had tastes like this Russ guy below gave a go to the project.

  • Michael

    The Packard Hawk was just a bastardization of the Studebaker Hawk, which was a great looking car at the time (without the ugly-ized front). When Packard and Studebaker merged they had no real Packard designs, so they took the Studebaker and changed the body a little (for the worse) and made Packard letters and put them on, kinda like Ford used to do with Mercury.

  • Steven C. Douglas

    I’ve seen women on the street far uglier.

  • PaulinMadison

    How could you leave out the 1961 Plymouth Valiant, a truly hideous car.

  • relentlesslycaring

    Every car has some beauty in it.

  • Raymond Bosanko

    Most of these cars are disposable. If they get an owwie booboo insurance people just consider them totaled.

  • Tim Dumoulin

    86 Hyundia Pony should be there.

  • Bob Ralph

    I had 3 of the cars on that list… I always liked weird stuff lol

  • Dan Stein

    There certainly is a tyranny to design that creates expectations that if they are not met, labels the product as ugly. Design expectations converge over time as competitors pick the most popular features of other products and incorporate them into their own. This is true in all consumer products. Beyond expectations, aesthetics are determined by symmetry, balance, flow, vision, ideas of sexiness and playfulness, among others…

  • Octavio

    So someone actually pays you money to compile this crap? Hard to believe.

  • MrCanada4evr

    The Toyota Prius is an ugly car. Where’s it? Glad the Aztek made the list. They must of made the Prius ugly on purpose to discourage sales so they could say no one was THAT interested in an environmentally friendly car. If your going to spend that amount of money anyway, everyone would want an environmentally friendly car if it looks more Porsche like and not Pinto like. Right?

  • Bootman

    Pretty poor selection. Missed the new obvious king, the Nissan Joke I mean Juke.

    • pissed

      the Juke is growing on me. I must be losing my mind.

  • bone2pick

    These Tatras are wicked cool!!!

  • kent

    These cars are ugly? I’d pick any of these cars as much prettier than a funky jive a** Smart Car. : P

  • George Rowe

    Ugly from every angle – the new Lexus.

  • linusbern

    The story on the gremlin was that it was a rush to respond to the oil crisis and sudden demand for compact cars. The took the front end off one existing model and slammed it onto the back of another.

  • Anon Y. Mous

    The SsangYong Rodius looks like it would make a good hearse.

  • John Henderson

    No you missed out the Citroen Piccasso thats a discussting prats car

  • John Smith

    Nobody in the Free World has heard of half these cars. And most of them are just fine. the author(s) are obviously pretentious twatwaffles who are dedicated to using public transit to get from their mom’s basement to their job at McDonalds.

    • Jack Oliver

      Haha the mom’s basement joke. So original!!! WOW!! Never heard that one before.


  • Medusa Jordan

    No Nissan Bluebird?!

  • Michael Peter

    Have any of you ever seen the early Mazda 1500 or 1800, somewhere around the late 60s…….or a “fine” Trabant or Russian made SAZ……….now there is “ugliness extreme”

  • pissed

    VW thing is epic. And if you think the little fiat is ugly, then you’re just never going to own a beach house in Positano, so too bad for you. I’d have it in a minute. The Aztec is the first car I think of when someone says ‘ugly car’, so nailed that one. They do have that hideous Ssyang Young where I live, and trust me, its even uglier in person. But what’s with the Suby hate? Subies are great little cars. Maybe not the best ‘styling’, but not the worst by a long shot. And yeah, even the good AMC stuff was questionable, and the bad was awful.

  • Benjamin

    The Veneno is awesome as anything! The only ones I really don’t like the looks of are the Multipla and Aztek.

    • Benjamin

      And the 603.

  • Andrew Goth

    If you think the early Impreza is ugly you need your eyes checked! Boring≠Ugly

  • ralph Indigo

    A lot of these vehicles are just plain looking, not ugly.

  • ralph Indigo

    They included the Subaru Leone because of the placement of the side view mirrors. In Japan at that time, ALL cars had to have mirrors like this. It was a safety feature.

  • Dominik Parvonič

    Tatra 603 is nice you fag..