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19 Best Car Crash Compilations

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Fair warning, this is going to be the biggest and most enjoyable time-suck of your day. It’s worth it though, so grab some popcorn and enjoy.

  • Maxillius

    Holy crap Russians can’t drive!

    • Marker

      I know! I worked with a Russian woman at a car dealership several years ago, and she had wrecked brand new cars into brand new cars 4 times by the time I left there. I’ve been gone 8 years, but she still works there. I wonder how many more times she’s done it. The four times she had was over only a three years period. I blame it on the Vodka. She rarely drinks, but it’s a good way to harass her.

  • Minersgrandson

    PLease drive safe-LY”. It’s an adverb, bitch.

    • Bob Gemale

      all your base belong to us

      • Minersgrandson

        Capitals count, too, Bob. As does punctuation. What are you– a high school dropout?

        • Bob Gemale

          “duh I’m a grammer Notsi I won the Web again today %$%$# LOL duh”
          So “capitals” what? State? Regional, national? Wealth, assets? Oh, you meant “capital letters”. So don’t be so lazy

    • Guy Daley

      Yeah, as if putting it at the end of the video is going to make a difference. Surprise – waste of print. Oddly enough Russia has a pretty good driving record compared to Portugal. The difference is that Russians have dash cams and the Portuguese do NOT. Many nations have worse drivers than Russia although that’s hard to believe after reviewing cherry picked videos like this.

  • gunnerv1

    These people are Insane. Do they even know what a speed limit is? Surely they have driven in snow and ice before. Oh well, makes for good YouTube fodder.

    • John M. Cooper


      • gunnerv1

        …goes without saying (and my retort while in I was in the Navy was “so why bother saying it”).

  • James Anderson

    Vodka must be some of the cause

  • Ray Black

    Вы Идиоты, взять уроки о том, как проехать

  • dao1947

    Why dos so many have video cameras in their cars?

    • XtremeAngler

      Many of my friends in Europe and Russia have them to help prevent insurance scams.

    • John M. Cooper


  • Steve Matsukawa

    This is how drivers in Pennsylvania drive, no question, this must have been clips from on board cameras in vehicles in Pennsylvania……..

    • James F. Pasquini

      And in Hartfort, CT.! Ever see a driver cut across 4 lanes (from right to left) to make a left turn?

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  • Raven

    I’ve seen worse.

  • Christine Loewen

    Is Russia! Git in car, be quik ded.

  • Ronaldus Magnus

    These people all seem to be driving REALLY REALLY REALLY FAST!!!

  • lifeiznuts

    I don’t think they have speed limits so people think it’s OK to drive as fast as they want.

  • Bob Gemale

    Americans crash doing 20 mph, because they’re on their phones all the time, raising the speed limit to 75+ would be hilarious to watch

  • JonKelly

    I can’t wait for self driving vehicles, humans are idiots!

  • Dale Cordell

    Makes me want to just run right over to Russia and drive somewhere. ( Not in this lifetime, though.)

  • Recovering Libtard

    Moral to the story. Not everybody is fit to drive.

  • Jerry E

    Dumb, drunk-ass Russians

  • Conrarian

    Hardly ”best” in any sense…………
    Unimaginably stupid perhaps.